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product information
Model: LD-T86
Input power: DC 5V-2A
Output power: DC 5V-1A / DC 5V-2 * 2.1A
Product specifications: 156 * 82 * 41mm
Capacity: Standard 40000mAh (actual capacity is 40000mAh)
Color:  red, cool black
Charging time: more than 20 hours
The number of times the phone is charged: It depends on the battery capacity of the phone itself
Standard configuration: charging treasure + exquisite packaging box + V8 charging cable + manual

1. Precise LCD full screen digital display
2. The new A-grade polymer battery assembly can provide saturated power for Android phones and IPHONE
3. Standard V8 interface input, lighting excuse input, Type-C excuse input, three USB interface outputs, only need the mobile phone data cable to charge
4. Durable and durable, with many charge and discharge cycles
5. Intelligent control over-charge, over-discharge, and short circuit protection circuit
6. Automatic sleep, automatic sleep in non-working state to prevent power consumption
7. One machine with multiple functions, suitable for all devices with USB charging, such as various mobile phones, IPOD, MP3, MP4, IPHONE, GPS, Bluetooth, digital cameras, etc.
8. Adopt USB port power supply output, plug in the data cable to realize portable and recharge at any time

Portable Power Bank with 40000mAh